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A Day With Mom

My parents have been wintering the past couple of years in Ft. Myers, FL.  One day, while visiting them recently, my mom and I set out on a full day of exploration. We drove over to Sanibel Island and Captiva Island. We drove from one end of the island to the other, finding all sorts of fun things to take pictures of along the way. I do regret not taking a picture of the yummy, mom+pop ice cream shop we stopped at for an afternoon treat and some of the cutest kids eating their dripping dessert.

I wished I used a film camera sometimes. For the reason that it is more expensive to shoot with than digital and it would help with the self control. Man, I took about a million pictures of birds. Birds! Really unnecessary. But really fun. I am on a fixed lens and I could not believe how close they were letting me get. I just kept shooting away! That wasn’t the bad part, the bad part is going through all those pictures of birds when I got back to the computer. No fun, no bueno. As I was going through and deciding which pictures I wanted to post, I realized there were a lot….again. (Another reason why going back to film might be a good choice at times) Thanks to my mom for a fun day and being so patient while I took 80 ba-gillion pictures that day!

Lara Rios - You are doing such a great job Sarah, I’m so proud of you 🙂

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