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Al + Emily | Couples | Chesapeake Portrait Photographer

My friend and fellow photographer (and fellow Michigander), Jessie, and I set out to have some fun a couple months ago. It was a weekday. It was nice out. What other excuse really do two photographers need to go out an get some time in doing what we both love? We set out to Suffolk, VA to scope out some new possible locations. After wandering around for awhile, we stumbled upon a cemetery. Gorgeous mature trees, pretty shade and pathways. We didn’t really want headstones in our images, so we used our creativity to make it appear we weren’t really at a cemetery. It was a fun challenge. From this came an idea to do a little series. Our mini-series was featured on the Hampton Roads Creative Community blog today, go check out the fun surprises! I won’t give away all the fun here, so definitely go get that blog post out.

Al + Emily are a real life couple who volunteered for us so we could make our mini-series happen. We could not have asked for a better set of volunteers!!!!! For reals. They were not shy in front of the camera. We didn’t even have to tell them to be cute, they were snuggle-bugs the entire time!!! We were supposed to shoot for 15-20 mins at each location, but as most of you photographers might know, we got a little carried away and ended up shooting for over 2 hours at a total of 3 locations. Opps! When you love what you are doing, you just can’t stop! Especially when you have an adorable couple in front of your lens.

alemily_0001 alemily_0002 alemily_0003 alemily_0004 alemily_0005 alemily_0006 alemily_0007 alemily_0008 alemily_0009 alemily_0010 alemily_0011 alemily_0012 alemily_0013 alemily_0014 alemily_0015 alemily_0016 alemily_0017 alemily_0018 alemily_0019 alemily_0020 alemily_0021 alemily_0022 alemily_0023 alemily_0024 alemily_0025 alemily_0026 alemily_0027 alemily_0028 alemily_0029 alemily_0030 alemily_0031 alemily_0032 alemily_0033 alemily_0034 alemily_0035 alemily_0036 alemily_0037


Lindsey Riley - What a cute couple ! Some great poses too. They will be wonderful to photograph on the big day! Great Job!

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