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An Afternoon Walk

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with my friend, Tiffany, and her son, Marcus. He is a cutie pie, to say the least, and is a hit with the older ladies. Two minutes after we got to the restaurant for dinner he was already flirting with the three elderly women sitting at the booth next to us.

We went for a walk that afternoon and I took along my camera.  I don’t take too many pictures of people these days. It can be pretty intimidating. Worrying that the client won’t like how they turn out. Wondering if they are good enough. You know that saying, “You’re your own worst critic”? Yep, that is true in my case. The good thing with digital is that you have a little screen right there in front of you that shows you the result….but key word, little. Until you zoom in or load it onto your computer you really don’t know how it turned out.  Right now this is just a hobby I am passionate about and truly enjoy. So as long I have friends who don’t mind a camera lens in there face every now and then I am just fine with practicing.


Lara Rios - Wow Sarah I’m so proud of you! The blog and the pictures look great 🙂 Congratulations I wish you all the best and I’m here if you need me!!!

Shawn Balon - Sarah!!! The pics are great! Glad you are really getting use out of the camera. It makes me want to go out in the city to take photos. Great Job!!!

Lynn Whipple - Sarah, your blog is beautiful!

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