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Edison + Ford Winter Estates

Did you know Thomas Edison and Henry Ford had a winter estate in Fort Myers, FL? They were good friends and shared a piece of land, set with two houses, as their winter escape. You can read all about it on the website here. My mom and I checked it out last weekend. It was a perfect day, weather wise. We spent almost 3 hours there. *Side note: military + family receive 50% off entrance fee…you just have to show them your ID! Your ticket includes a personal audio tour which was very informative.

For any of you fellow plant nerds, there is an extensive collection of trees, shrubs and orchids all over the property. Most everything is labeled. Some of the orchids were just gorgeous! There was a small wedding going out by one of the many large banyan trees on the property. The girls had the prettiest deep purple dresses on. Wish I had gotten a picture!

Shawn B - Sarah,

These pictures are great! Did you have a filter or do some PS work on them? They turned out really nice and it makes me want to go visit the estate!

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