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First Landing State Park | Engagement | Hyo + Justin

When I schedule a client’s engagement session, I always schedule a primary date and a backup date. This session is the perfect example of why I do just that!

This First Landing State Park engagement session ended up being taken over a span of two days. The first time we met up, the weather was looking great for the evening and all was well. Then, thirty minutes into the session the sky darkened rapidly! The storm came out of no where. As soon as we go back into our cars and on the road, there was a crazy downpour. I knew I wanted to meet up with them again since their session was cut super short. We met up a few days later on our backup date we had scheduled. No one had to worry about what dates we were all available again, it was already set. It was completely worth it! We had beautiful, cooler, weather on the second day and able to take our time.

These two were nervous about their session, but I don’t know why because they were naturals! I can’t wait for their wedding in October at the Hermitage Museum + Gardens!