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Jared | Senior

Wowza. It has been awhile since I have last blogged. Whoops! I better get back to it. First up, Jared. I had the opportunity to photograph Jared’s Senior pictures while I was in Michigan. Jared is a friend and tennis teammate of my nephew, Mason. The first part we went to a location was a small alleyway in the center of town. The second half we made out way south of town to a beautiful park! Michigan is a beautiful state and offer really great parks! Enjoy some of my favorites!


Jared_Senior_2014_0002 Jared_Senior_2014_0005 Jared_Senior_2014_0006 Jared_Senior_2014_0007 Jared_Senior_2014_0008 Jared_Senior_2014_0010 Jared_Senior_2014_0011

Jared_Senior_2014_0012 Jared_Senior_2014_0014 Jared_Senior_2014_0015 Jared_Senior_2014_0017


Jared_Senior_2014_0019Jared_Senior_2014_0020Jared_Senior_2014_0021Jared_Senior_2014_0023 Jared_Senior_2014_0024 Jared_Senior_2014_0026 Jared_Senior_2014_0027 Jared_Senior_2014_0029Jared_Senior_2014_0025 Jared_Senior_2014_0031Jared_Senior_2014_0034 Jared_Senior_2014_0033

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