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My Office Chair, My Wedding Shoes, + A New Lens | Personal

Sarah Street Photography added a new lens to the lineup this week. Whoot whoot! And after waiting ALLLLLL day for the UPS truck to pull in, he finally arrive at 6:45ish pm. It was a long day of anticipation, folks. By the time I got it out of the box and onto my camera body it was too late to start begging my husband to get off the couch to go out to take some test pictures. So, I decided to have a fun practice session photographing my own wedding shoes in my office on the comfy, new office chair! Some of you may already know that I love photographing a fun pair of shoes, so this post may not be a surprise to you. But I needed something to photograph (my cats don’t sit still long enough) to test this new baby out! They were my favorite detail of the wedding day ensemble. I love it when brides have fun accessories on their wedding day. Shoes, hair pieces, jewelry, invitations, bouquets…just to name a few. They are so much fun to photograph!!! You can get so creative with where you put them and how they are ‘posed’. I am always trying to think of new ways to showcase those special details of the day. As for this particular pair of shoes, I am still on the hunt for the right outfit to wear these with, again. But for now, they will go back in the box and wait. *sigh*

Beth - Two things – #1 I love your detail shots! #2 What lens did you get????

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