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I have had “order sample album” on my do-to list for awhile now. I was searching for the right company that had the same vision I do, when it comes to textures and available colors. When I came across this company, I was thrilled to find they had exactly what I had been looking for! When UPS dropped it off at my house yesterday, I immediately ran into my office and sat on the floor with the box. I probably looked liked a little kid on Christmas morning opening a present, huge smile on my face, bubble wrap flying everywhere.

This company makes it easy for me to design my own, custom layouts to really allow me to showcase my clients’ beautiful images with a modern, clean design…which I dig. Album sizes are available in 8×8, 10×10, 12×12, and 14×14. The pages are thick and sturdy. These images don’t do the album justice. You really have to see it and feel it in person!

I just adore the texture of these albums! I also love the muted, earthy colors these are available in. They fit my style and brand to a ‘T’. The embossing on the front is just so classic and clean!

CDs/DVDs don’t last a lifetime but an album does. Don’t let those gorgeous engagement or wedding photos you spent your hard earned money on sit on that disk any longer. ┬áLike the images themselves, albums are an investment. ┬áSo get them in an album that you will be able to keep, enjoy and cherish for many years to come.


Michelle - Eek! Sooo beautiful and it does match your branding to a ‘T’. <3

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