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It has been awhile since I have posted on here and figured it was about time I get caught up. November/December were very busy months for me and I am just now having time to sit time to create a new blog post. My writing skills are a little rusty, bare with me.

I had so much fun with Jackie! Turns out she is naming her baby one of the few boy names I like. Bonus! I loved that she wanted to shoot her maternity session in an urban setting. So different than the norm for these types of sessions. We headed to downtown Norfolk. We drove to a few locations during the session and near the end we were trying to hurry to get to the park down by the water before it started to get too dark. When I say hurry….I was walking at a speedy pace and Jackie was trying to keep up. Bad habit of mine, I walk fast. Probably didn’t help that Jackie has much shorter legs than I and is preggers. 🙂 As the sun went down, it got too dark to shoot and started to get chilly, so we called it quits and walked back to the car. Reason #46 why Jackie is fabulous, she parked RIGHT in front of Starbucks. It is like she knew. Come to find out, she is more of a Starbucks junkie than I am. Leave it up to a pregnant lady to get us free drinks at Starbucks after we were done shooting. That’s right. Did I mention she was fabulous? She didn’t even judge me when I got two lattes (BOGO at the time) and said I was drinking both of them myself.

Enough jabbering about Starbucks. Check out the gorgeous and fabulous Jackie!


Dean [Family] – USS Enterprise Homecoming

When Jessica contacted me about photographing the USS Enterprise’s homecoming for her I was elated! This was the first time a client had hired me for one of these types of events. This whole hiring of a professional photographer for a homecoming was very new to me. I have come to learn that it is a very popular thing to do!

The new dads who had babies born while they were deployed were able to get off first. Man, I thought I was doing pretty well holding all the emotion in until I starting seeing those new dads walking by us holding onto their teeny-tiny babies that they just met for the first time 10 minutes earlier. I lost it after that! It is a good thing Jessica’s husband wasn’t getting off the ship for a little bit still so I could get a grip and focus back on why I was there in the first place. Even though we waited out on the pier, in the cold, for over 4 hours for her husband to get off the ship, it was worth it to see them be reunited after almost 8 months apart! Thank you, Dean Family, for letting me capture these specials moments for you!

Hudson [Family]

The weather, fall foliage color and lighting could not have been better the evening of this session. It was a beautiful, evening. This was my first time shooting at Oak Grove Lake Park. What a great place! My husband and I even ran around the lake on the gravel trail earlier that day. I highly recommend this place if you want to take a nice walk.

The Hudson family was a joy to work with. Grandma was visiting and she came along to keep the little one’s attention during the pictures. She even helped watch her so we could slip away and get some shots of just mom + dad. Thank you, Hudson family!

Becca - These are so good, Sarah!

McConky [Family]

When I first talked to Pamela on the phone, she was so excited to get her pictures taken (love that type of client!) and knew exactly what she wanted. I think we were on the phone chatting for almost a half an hour! The day of the session was a very special day for the McConky family. It was the last day their little girl would be the age of one. It was so fun to capture this day for them. They were always smiling, laughing and just having a whole lot of fun family time. It is how every family should be. I think you can see it in the pictures!

Pamela - So beautiful! I can’t thank you enough for your kind words and for capturing so gracefully this special day for us. I love every single picture and can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you sincerely!

Alison + Conner

When Alison contacted me about doing a Christmas/wintery themed shoot for their Christmas cards, I was all for it. Thought it was such a cute idea. The day of it was in the 80’s! Didn’t really feel very wintery out, but we had a good time pretending it was. I am so glad she was able to find the large, old-school holiday lights. I didn’t think they were made anymore. As much as I want the stores and television advertisements not to skip over Halloween and Thanksgiving, in this case it was good there is a store near by that had all their Christmas items out the first of September (I am not joking…it was really that early).

Tianna Yentzer - Well, this is just precious!