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Younger Family

Little Landon was such a good little model during this family session! Anytime I hit the shutter button he would hear the noise and just stare at me. It was pretty entertaining. And that red hair of his is just too cute for words. When Jillian told me she wanted to go back into the woods behind a neighborhood for pictures I was a little skeptical at first. It’s not even marked on Google Maps…so you know that is serious business if it’s not even on Google Maps! But this place, although small, turned out to be a great hidden gem for a their family photos. Who would have thought such a beautiful area would be back there. A small, dark trail leads to this open wetland area, a bridge and then to a dock along the river. Thank you, Younger Family, for choosing me to capture this time in your life!

Jenifer + Chance [Maternity]

Jenifer + Chance’s session was my very first maternity session! I was pretty nervous….so much so I forgot Chance’s name when we were introduced that afternoon and proceeded to called him a completely different name for about half the session. Um, talk about embarrassing! Thank goodness he was a good sport about it. This was my first time shooting at the Chesapeake Arboretum too. Such a cute and quaint place for pictures! Kept up all by volunteers. A little bit of walking trails in a wooded area, pretty garden, large shade trees and a couple of  red barns. Aside from it’s awesomeness, it is exactly 1 mile from my house. BONUS! Jenifer was the definition of glowing mother-to-be. So gorgeous! And the girl was walking around in super fun, 3″ black heels for a portion of the shoot. A couple of weeks after this session, Jenifer gave birth to their sweet baby girl, Mia. One of my favorite names. I was fortunate enough to capture some newborn pictures of their cutie pie. Those to come soon! But for now, I will stop babbling so you can enjoy the pictures!

Jessica + Tristan [Engagement]

What a fun engagement session this was. The first time I met Jessica and Tristan in person was the afternoon that we had the session. They both made me feel very comfortable and made my job easy. The couple decided on Fort Monroe as their location of choice. I went a few days before to scope the place out (I am new to the area and had not been there yet). It is my favorite place for photos I have found here yet! It had a little bit of everything…..beach, grass, rocks, open fields, trees, old architecture, and some other neat features. I am a sucker for old architecture and places that have a bit of history to them. Jessica and Tristan could not have coordinated their outfits any better, they looked perfect, very classy. I loved Jessica’s dress! They were both so fun to work with. A few times I had to stop taking pictures because they had me laughing so hard. We ended up being out there for much longer than anticipated, I was having way too much fun exploring this new location. They were troopers. Thank you for allowing me to capture this special and exciting time in your lives!




Allie + Mitch [Proposal]

I was fortunate enough to photograph a wedding proposal yesterday. How fun! My friend, Kelly, approached me about taking pictures for this surprise proposal between her sister-in-law and fiance-to-be several weeks ago. Mitch wanted to pop the question when she least expected. The big moment was supposed to happen at a botanical garden in the area….but due to the crummy, rainy weather, we went to plan B. Mitch ended up showing up at Allie’s sister-in-law’s house where she was visiting for the weekend.  After a few kisses, hugs and a big YES, the adorable, newly engaged couple changed their clothes and we had a short 15 minute session outside the house. Mitch was so thoughtful and packed a dress (which Allie’s mother made for her) and some CUTE heels for Allie to put on for pictures. Seriously, what man thinks ahead like that??? He is a keeper!


The Johnston’s Fur-babies

My husband and I have been staying with friends for the past two weeks while our house is being built. Although this isn’t a typical blog post for me, I wanted to share their fur-babies with you. They are just so cute! Meet Brody and Bear. Two very handsome guys. They spend their days lounging around inside the house taking long naps, running around outside, or taking a break on the porch from playing catch with the tennis ball. They were excellent models for pictures.