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This was my last session in Miami before moving north. Bitter sweet. We met at a park that had this beautiful white fence, open field and people riding on horses. It was a quiet little place tucked backed off a side street. Despite the very hot temperatures, humidity, and mosquitoes galore, I had a fun time photographing Alexa. Her mom showed up with a couple of outfits for her to change into and an awesome chair for a prop (which by the way she got at one of my favorite stores, Home Goods!). I think I need more props in my photography life. It added an extra element. I also loved the contrast between the grass + the trees + a single, funky chair. Alexa’s mom also made the adorable headband she is wearing in some of the pictures. Super crafty!

I decided to post these set of photos in black + white. I have always been drawn to black + white photographs. There is just something about them that I can’t really put my finger on. They seem to tell more of a story….or at least allow you to dream up your own story behind the picture.

Jessie Silva - SERIOUSLY. You are so talented!

Jenny Wagstaff - These are incredible!! She is such a beautiful little girl!

Esther + Dave

After a couple of months of scheduling and re-scheduling (due to rain), I finally was able to take Esther + Dave’s pictures! They selected Bill Baggs State Park out on Key Biscayne because of the lighthouse. The couple just celebrated their 5-year wedding anniversary.  They were married in Puerto Rico at a lighthouse, but they never had pictures taken… this was a special shoot for them. No pressure, right? The weather was perfect! I was so excited to get there and start taking pictures next to the lighthouse. I had all sorts of fun ideas brewing in my head. Except, when we got there, the path that leads down to the lighthouse was closed already. Talk about a real bummer! We had a good time anyway. They were such a fun, cute couple to work with!

Lara Rios - Great, beautiful work Sarah, I’m so proud of you!!! 🙂

Esther - You’re the best Sarah. Thank you so much for these beautiful memories <3

Vega Family [Key Biscayne]

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph the Vega Family. They are another Coastie family here is south Florida that we are stationed with. Even though it was a very hot, summer-like morning , we still managed to have a little fun. Their daughter, Renee, is just a gorgeous little girl. She was very active and not a big fan of the camera, but I think some of the moments I captured of her were my favorite images that came out of that morning!

Tiffany - Your pictures are so beautiful, you really have a special gift! It helps that you have beautiful people to take pictures of too. Wonderful job, one of my favorites yet!

Jennie Rogers - Beautiful shoot, Sarah. You did a great job! Cute kid, too!

Lynn + Craig [Wynwood District]

Lynn is a dear friend of mine, met her back in our college days. We were both studying Landscape Architecture at Michigan State University (Go Green!). When she approached me about taking some pictures of her and her husband I was more than happy to say yes!  She and Craig never had engagement pictures taken and were looking to get pictures of themselves that weren’t in their wedding day attire.  I had been wanting to shoot in the Wynwood District of Miami for awhile and thought this would be a fun place for their session. I threw the idea their way and they were totally up for it. This was my first couple session and first time posing. I probably sounded like a totally idiot trying to get my thoughts out but they were great sports about it. We had some good laughs while we were out there!

Top 3 things I learned during this session:

1. Harsh, direct sunlight is not your friend (most of the time).

2. Graffiti is cool!

3. I have awesome friends!!!!!

Sarah Kate - How adorable – beautiful pics

Ara + Emily + Ava

Sunday morning I met up with Ara and her two beautiful daughters at C.B. Smith Park in Pembroke Pines for a little picture taking. Ara is another Coastie wife (like me)! This was my first session with children/family and my first time taking pictures at this park. Emily had the cutest smile (when we got her to look at the camera—she was a little shy) and Ava, well, she was such a good baby. It wasn’t hard to get a good picture of that cutie-pie. The rain held off just long enough for us to back into our cars as we were leaving. Thank you, Ava, for letting me get some practice in on your beautiful family!