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My First Photo-Blog + Furry Friends

Ah. Here is it. My very first blog. A little scary and exciting all at the same time. I love photography and now that I am back using an SLR (after some time apart due to a break-in/burglary at an apartment I lived in and my very first SLR disappeared into the night) I needed something to do with all of these pictures I have been taking. So I thought starting a photo-blog would be the best idea. The last time I built a website was in college using 0 + 1’s and before that in high school, so I am starting all over in the world of websites. It sure has changed! My apologizes if links are not working right. I am also learning very quickly that free WordPress templates are limiting and very frustrating for someone who is particular about the way they want their website to look. But we all have to start from somewhere, right? Baby steps. I still have A LOT to learn and more equipment to purchase and test out, but for now I am just having fun. That is what hobbies are for, right? I hope these pictures help to inspire you as they do me.

Over the holidays, I found out that animals are some of the best subjects that breath, eat, walk and talk (ruff!) to photograph. They don’t care how long you have a camera stuck in their face for the most part and they don’t give you a time limit of how long you are allowed to take pictures of them. I think they are just hoping you are there to give them a little t.r.e.a.t.  or two. Here are a few pictures I took over the holidays of man’s best friend and some other furry friends.

Esperanza Kelly - awe You got mo mo

Angi - These are great pictures! You are Very talented!

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