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Weekend Fit For A Princess

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away was a 3 year-old princess named Lily. She and her other princess friends (Kelly, Mehgan, Candi and Sarah) joined her one weekend on a trip to Disney World! This was Lily’s first time. They had all sorts of fun! They met Lily’s favorite character, Rapunzel, along with many of her friends. They went on lots of rides, ate ice cream, did some dancing and even watched a parade. Princess Lily participated in a Kids Run and got a medal. Lily’s friends were a little crazy though. They decided to run 13.1 miles for fun that weekend as participants in the Disney Princess Half Marathon with 19,000+ other women. Everyone jumped for joy as they ran across the finish line! Exhausted, with their shiny metals in hand, they all drove back to Miami and lived happily ever after.

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